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Art project due soon need suggestions?!?

I’m almost done with art school, and I need to complete a project that can either be a collage, a sculpture, or a mosaic. It needs to combine three of my interests, which I chose to be comic books, horror movies, and music.

It’s due in a month and I’m totally brain-dead from everything else that’s been going on, so does anybody have any suggestions or ideas on what I could do?

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    1. Well, how about sculpting a comic book with a zombie hand outstreched holding a flute (or something else music related like an iPod). Then use comic strips and music sheets to kind of cover it, you know like a collage.
      So a combination of all?
      I don’t know if that helps, maybe it will. Maybe it’s not what your looking for.

      Good luck anways though 😀

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