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can someone please help me with this question?!?

While visiting Pompeii, Italy, Paloma saw a mosaic in the shape of a triangle on the floor of an ancient home. Paloma measured one tile in the mosaic and found it to be 1 centimeter on each side. She then measured the width and height of the mosaic and found them to be 152 cm and 79 cm, respectively. Find the number of tiles that were used to make the mosaic by calculating its area.
A. 6,004 tiles
B. 73 tiles
C. 231 tiles
D. 12,008 tiles

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  1. 152 x 79 = area of a square, divide by 2 to get the area of the triangle. Since each tile is 1 cm, the area is the same as the number of tiles
    A is the answer.

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