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I have a large supply of rocks (thin slices, uncut, geodes, thunder eggs cut in half tumbled stones) a large?

supply of shells including quite a few abalone shells large and small, a big supply of glass marbles (mostly blues and greens) a supply of tiles , other ceramic pieces (plates, ashtrays,etc.) and mirrors, broken and some not broken I have collected over the years. I’ve made stepping stones, a patio table, jewelry,and a planter. […]

why is it, that when i say i am going to be selling crafts for a living, people who are against it think i…?

people who are against it tell me, "you cannot earn a living selling bracelets"? you would be right if i were selling just bracelets…but i sell a whole range of almost 50 items, in jewelry, friendship bracelets, knitted items (scarves, hats, headbands, rugs, ect) crocheted items (scarves, rugs, hats, ect), kandi bracelets, woven squares, sewn […]

i need help with art history?

1. The materials used to build and decorate Hagia Sophia included ________. a.marble, and brick, but not concrete b.marble, brick, and concrete c.marble d.Brick X e.concrete 2. The Vienna Genesis is a/an _________. a.inconsistent narrative b.broken narrative c.continuous narrative d.meaningful narrative e.elaborative narrative 3. Where would a minbar most likely be found? a.inside a mosque […]

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