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  1. ,I would not leave a space will not hold up i would sit on counter top use a clear silicone to seal ,water tight

  2. leave a space to fill in with grout, so all the lines will appear uniform

  3. you need to leave a small space. for movement of the counter top. use silicon or caulk in this gap and grout the rest. the silicon or caulk will allow for movement and will not allow the tiles to crack

  4. You definitely want a space between the tiles and the counter. It will look better! My opinion anyway…

  5. The rule of thumb for setting tile is never put grout between tile meeting at 90 degrees. Leave a space equal to the spacers you are using for setting the field tile and fill that with color matched tile caulking, available at home centers. May need to special order if you have an unusual grout color.

  6. i am a tile setter by trade, and if you like the look of a space than leave one. but i normaly don’t, it’s easier to keep line level as you go along

  7. 1/8 inch apart

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