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Anna? How does this look? Is it too much for a first date?” Amber asked her twin sister as she held up a flowing orange silk dress to her chest. Amber had her golden hair in curls with a headband with an orange flower on it and some black heels on.
“I don’t know Am, what are you doing?” Anna replied from across the room. “If you are going to a dance it is perfect. If you are going to the movies it is a bit too much.”
“It’s actually a walk in the park and then a picnic ‘til sunset. Romantic as can be!” Amber said as she put her dress up and fell onto her bed. “I love Derek; he is the perfect guy; fun, cute, romantic and funny. Oh Ann, you need someone for your own.”
“Derek? Like from Romania?” Anna asked with a hint of disapproval in her voice. “Have you asked Papa yet? And I do not need someone. I am perfectly happy.”
“No I haven’t asked Momma or Papa. You know what they would say ‘you are too young for him and beside that you need to focus on graduating from the Royal Academy.’” Amber said trying to sound like her father. “He is only five months older than me. Who am I allowed to date then if I can’t date someone the same age?”
“I don’t know. But tonight we aren’t going to fret about what Papa thinks. Your date isn’t until Friday, we’ll think of something. We are 17 and make all ‘A’s in class, How could we not pass 12th grade?” Anna replied propping her head up with her palm. She was on her bed doodling on her notebook’s cover. She had never loved anyone but her family and best friends, but she had always supported her sister in everything school, love, violin anything she liked, Anna was there to support her.
“What will we do then?” Amber asked exasperated. If she couldn’t talk about boys or her father’s selfishness what could she talk about?
“Well… today is Sunday; we could go see the Bishop?” Anna shrugged.
“And do what? Confess to him that I am going behind Papa’s back to see a boy? He would make me eat lentils for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week, Yuck!” Amber hates eating lentils they are peasant food and flavorless.
“Come on we don’t have to tell him we could just read the daily scripture together and lentils aren’t just peasant food anymore they are a healthy part of your diet.”
“Who are you my health instructor?” Amber asked sarcastically. She sat up and took off her shoes and dropped them on the floor. They made a loud clack on the tile floor. She slipped on her palace shoes; they were a cross between ballet shoes and regular slippers. Their father made them wear these shoes around the palace so they would feel like real Princesses and not just rich girls with a powerful Father.
Their father also made them wear dresses while in the Castle, but not most modern styles. Anna and Amber thought that he was the strictest father anyone could have. Their mother was much more relaxed about almost everything.
“Where are you going?” Anna asked Amber as she put her notepad on her night stand. She stood up and walked to where her sister was standing a moment before.
“To…the church like you said. We haven’t been there lately and Bishop is probably wondering why,” Amber said.
“I doubt it; we haven’t gone often since we were like twelve. And if he did care it isn’t his business. I’ll go with you.” The girls opened their big wooden double door and walked side by side up the hallway and down two flights of stairs. The castle smelt oddly like tobacco. Anna thought that it might be tobacco season, and then remembered it was the middle of winter. Maybe her father had his pipe out again. After about 10 more minutes of walking they came to the Castle’s own church.
Several Nuns were walking out from the church in a hurried line. After they rushed by, the girls walked in to see the bishop. He was standing in front of a mosaic depicting Jesus on the cross. Their shoes made only soft shuffling sounds against the hard tile floor, yet the church had great acoustics so the Bishop heard them coming from down the Chapel.
“Oh, Hello ladies I haven’t seen you for a while,” the Bishop said turning around to face them.
“We just wanted to say ‘hello’ and stop in to read the daily scripture,” Anna replied for the both of them. They both went and sat down on the soft red cushioned pews.
“Well that is nice of you. I was going to go home for the day, but I guess I could stay for another minute while we read the daily scripture. Today is Mark 8:2. I’ll read it,” Bishop Davis flipped through his Bible and found it highlighted in an orange color. “Here it is ‘I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now been with me three days, and have nothing to eat.”
“Thank you, Bishop. We will hopefully be here next Sunday on time,” Amber said while standing up and walking out of the pew. “Come on Anna lets go see what Papa and Mama are doing.”
“Alright Am,” Anna said as they walked side by side. Once they were out of ear shot of the Bishop Anna whispered, “Are we really going to see Ma

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  1. I like it, keep writing. Will you please go to my questions and read part of mine?

  2. i don’t really like it.. theres too much gossip and stuff.. but i bet other girls would like it that are into that.. :) its not bad but its not my taste.

  3. It’s not really my type of story but I think it would appeal to a lot of people. If you are enjoying writing it keep going. Good luck!

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