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How can use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create pixel art?

More specifically, I have already create a pixel mosaic using CS5 but now I am interested in creating pixel art from thumbtacks/push-pins based on a certain color layout. How can I use a picture but only arrange it to where certain colors appear? For instance, I want to create a layout of reds, blues, reds, yellows, blacks, and whites but these are the only colors that I want to show in the picture. These are the color push-pins I will be using.

My current picture has many pixels that are colors that I don’t wish to use.

Thanks for your time and consideration, folks!

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    1. I use CS3 and the way I would do this is to go File–> Save for Web and Devices. Select the GIF format and then where it says "Colors" put in 5 (since you have 5 colors: red, blue, yellow, black, white). You can then modify the Color Table below to fit your needs. Hit save when you’re all done.

      Hope this helps.

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