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How do you make mosaic topped stepping stones?

I see instructions on DIY and HGTV for crushing up used plates, cups, etc to make mosaics. I want to make a series of concrete stepping stones for my yard and I want to top them with mosaic patterns. How do you deal with the rounded surfaces of the ceramic pieces?

My mom gave me some left over glass pieces from her stained glass. How do I cut these pieces to make patterns?

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  1. you can go to a craft store (hobby lobby) the sell the pieces you need. they also sell the molds you pour the concrete in. if you want to do it cheaper you can get a cake pan for the mold and for the glass pieces all you do is wrap the glass up real good in a towel and hit it with a hammer. if you want bigger pieces hit a few times, smaller pieces keep hitting. then go through the pieces and find the ones you want. as for the rounded surface you push it further in the wet concrete. if you purchase them there flat but you can use rounded

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