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How to Make Glass Mosaics : How to Glue Glass Mosaics

Glass in glass mosaics must be glued to the backing. Learn how to glue glass onto mosaic backing to make a glass mosaic in this free video lesson on mosaics. Expert: Ruth Starr Contact: Bio: Ruth majored in art at Northeastern University in Chicago. Her first professional art showing was in downtown Indianapolis when she was in high school. She has shown her work all over the country. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves


  1. Does anyone know what type and brand of clear glue to use? Thanks.

  2. Hi, thanks for your informative video. I would also like to know what brand of glue you are using. Can you also recommend a glue which will adhere glass to glass? thank you =)

  3. ditto, what brand of glue do you recommend? other sites just refer to PVA, silicone, etc but never recommend any particular brands and it’s uses – glass to wood, metal, other glass, etc.

  4. I recommend silicone glue for glass, it is transparent and you can work with it for a while before it dries, yet you can work upright without the glass falling away. You can get it in small tubes or the large cylinders from all hobby shops or hardware stores. I have tried many others like water based glues that are supposed to dry transparent, but it is not always the case.
    Wishing you a creative new year!
    Ps. Expertvillage never reply they are bloody useless!

  5. I use liquid nails (had to order by the case over the internet)
    Doesn’t yellow, goes on clear and without lumps, weather proof. Don’t waste your time trying all of the others out – I already did that for you. This is the BEST!
    Liquid Nails Clear Seal

  6. Thank You for the glue specifications =) I really look forward to trying this. nice work!

  7. you’re welcome….good luck! I wish I had time to work on my project that is collecting dust in the basement. I like to use the old single pane windows you can find at yard sales etc. They are for “Big” projects but are already “framed”. For glueing glass onto wood – I just used regular old tile mastic.

  8. Why didn’t you seal the wood before applying the tesserae?

  9. I have always loved Weldbond.

  10. the subtitles are blocking the video demonstration – they should be below the film

    the glue is called Lexel

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