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How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Adhering Mosaic Tiles for Your Tile Mosaic Project

Learn how to adhere your mosaic tiles onto your wire mesh in this free video on making tile mosaics. Expert: Faith Schexnayder Contact: Bio: Faith Schexnayder is an Austin based Artist, Designer and Sculptor.


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  2. This is something I’ve thought about doing. Your video was very helpful. Thanks!

  3. i’m making a border for my bathroom tile and this was SOOOOOOO helpful!

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  5. nice video…
    Do you use a kind of glue to fix the pieces of tiles?

  6. This video was a very helpful. A very good teacher as well.

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    a very helpful vieo, but it seems to only apply for small surfaces. I am doing a coffee table and an wondering how I could transfer my design on to it without doing the mosaic straight on the table

    Thank you!

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