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I'm making a project for my garden and need help?

I’m planning on making a bird bath and garden stepping stones and need to know what to use for the grout in between the mosaic stones and glass.
I have some tile grout to use on the bottom as the adhesive to stick the stones and glass in, but what do I need to use to "grout" in between. I want the end result to be smooth. Can you picture what I’m talking about?
Of course the birdbath will have water in it, so I need something that will last being submerged in water, can I use silicone? I also want this to be bird friendly and not toxic.
Thanks for any help and ideas.

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    1. Mortar between the stones. Much like you do patios, a little water to harden it – after it hardens – water makes it stronger.

    2. The scrapbook King

      The grout will be fine u can get it in different Colors

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