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Is it good to remove old mosaic tiles and replace it with ceramic tiles or Paste Ceramic Tiles over old tiles.?

I’m in Chennai, india and want to replace my old flooring ( Mosaic flooring) with Ceramic Tile flooring. I live in a 2nd floor apartment.Want to know which one is a good option. Some people say that if you don’t remove old tiles it will add weight to the ceiling of the first floor.Also I’m worrying if I remove the old flooring it might damage the building. Please guide me.

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    1. Kitchen Design Tips

      Definitely remove the old floor tiles! I don’t know how long you’ve had the old ones, but with the foot traffic and natural movement in a house…there may be some uneven areas. Therefore, if you tile on top of the old ones, your floor may end up uneven.

      I know you’re probably thinking what a pain it is to remove them, but it’s worth it in the long run. A proper mud job should be done on the base floor to ensure that the new tiles will spread easily!


    2. I would remove them. Even if there is traffic, or not in the are i would remove the old tiles, there is no grip, if installing the new tiles on top of the old ones, and you will probablly have to cut the doors, probably take out baseboards if you have wood baseboards, to mutch work. is better to remove them. I always do.

    3. Is it you want? Gooooood luck (:

    4. Mm… Try the above link & have fun!

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