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looking for good sources for a craft- things like beads, mosaic tiles,small stones etc.?

My daughter and I saw some really neat pictures/designs made with beads, glass stones, little colored rocks etc. We though it would be fun to make our own, but we started looking at stores, these things cost alot of money. I want to find someplace to get them cheap. I also need to know what kind of fixative or glue I can use that is easy to work with. Any crafty people out there who can tell me??

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  1. you can buy directly from Mosaic Mercantile online. I believe their pricing is far better than MisterArt, or any hobby store.

    Another medium to consider is the broken tempered glass that they use for commerical doors & windows. It’s safety glass, so ir breaks in little pieces…neat. Usually coloured in a light aqua…but you could always get crafty and metal leaf the underside before you adhere it, the leaf will show through, giving it a totally different look. Now for the best part…talk to your local glass supply (companies that make shower doors, glass table tops, etc) and see if they will give you the stuff, or at least reserve it for you when an accident happens with a job. Chances are, you may be able to get it for free.
    Silicone adhesives! Yup. Or the two part epoxy (really strong, and perhaps best suited for outside stuff).
    Have fun!

  2. well, maybe the same and multi-colored gravel that they use in Fishtanks might be a cute alternative to start with… Or marbles, or old tile, or bits or ceramic dishes, or even cut up craft paper, anything of the sort will make wonderful effects… experiment til you find a type that you can afford, and that you like the looks of… Happy crafting!

  3. To fix tiles, marbles and beads to almost anything opaque, like stone or a tabletop, use Mastic, its the same tilers use to make countertops, then grout.
    To affix the same to glass, use epoxy or clear silicone caulk sealant.

    try these sites

    Mosaic. MOSAIC MERCANTILE Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tiles — Solid Colors … Mosaic Mercantile tiles are cast from colored vitreous … Italian glass makers. These tiles can be used in …

    First Quality Glass at Wholesale Prices. Polished Stones. Natural Stones polished smooth. One bulk bag of LARGE … polished stones, 1"- 4" in size. Large bulk bag approximately 5# . Cost …

    Stepping Stones Kits and Accessories, Handprint Impression Kits, and Mosaic Tesserae and Accessories. … Stained Glass. Vitreous Glass Tile. Ceramic Tile. Glass Gems … Bulk Vitreous Glass. BEST VALUE! Milestones 10 lb … These beautiful glass tiles have been used in European mosaics for …

    assorted glass decorative stones assorted colors orange green purple blue and white each stone is approximately the size of a quarter each bag is about 8

    Stones, Beads & More. Extra-Large Hole Glass Beads. $5.00. J132. These are the beads you need to use when making a purse handle or decorating twist end bangles and neck wires. Beads are approx. 5/8" to 1รถ with a 1/8" hole. … A dramatic grouping of hematite and copper colored beads in assorted shapes and sizes from 1/8" to 1/2". In a … 40 pieces. Colored Glass Stones. $2.95. JS28 …

  4. If you have a Michael’s store near where you live you can get all that. They have regular sales and coupons too.

    Go to to find a store.

    If that doesn’t work for you, check out a local stained glass store, or Delphi glass online. Here’s the link for that:

    There is a link on the left for Mosaics and other things.

  5. Your local craft stores are a great source. Also, check with Ebay. You can find anything there. I have had great luck with Ebay and craft supplies.

  6. Ebay has lots of tiles!

    Also sells some tile for very cheep. rocks, marbles, broken plates, broken mirrors, and shells make AWESOME picture frames.


  7. hot glue gun is the best, and yea stuff is expensive. You can buy old jewelery by the bag at swap meets, garage sales, thrift stores, and take it apart and re-use it. Works like a charm

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