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Need advice on wooden floors…pros/cons?

Hello, we are currently building our house and we are at the bricking the walls stage so we have some time to choose flooring, fittings etc, but of course I want to get it right….you can change decor, repaint, but changing the flooring is a biatch and most people don’t change them once their done.
I really want wooden flooring throughout the house (excepting only bathroom and laundry) I want it in the kitchen, living rooms and all bedrooms. I have lived in houses with carpet…..which suck because you cant pick them up like a rug and beat them or really clean them well without a great amount of difficulty….and I get a stuffy nose from carpets. I’ve lived with slate which I think looks ugly and is difficult to clean and keep looking nice because its all uneven. I’ve lived with tiles, which I don’t like because they are cold in Winter and show up dirt and spills so easily…sneeze and you have to mop.

So I decided on wood. But real wood not like fake wood like lino or crappy parquet. Some people told me to put a light coloured wood, because dark wood sucks up the light and shows up dust and footprints. And I’ve heard you have to choose a hard, hard wood, so you don’t get pock marks from high-heels, pumps whatever. And I’d assume you’d have to be careful about polish? So you wont slip in the Winter with socks and the rugs wont slip as you walk on them.

Help! What do you have, what do you like/don’t like, advice, ideas…anything I can google and take a look at.

Thanks!!!! :o)

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    1. go for amtego floors, they are very expensive but do not dent or scratch and are guaranteed for many years. They look as good as hard wood and you can install fancy designs

    2. Oak is really hard, readily available, affordable and makes a beautiful durable floor. It can be stained any shade you want. I think the lighter colors would be best for keeping clean and for the brightness of the room The finish you want is polyurethane. When I had this I never waxed the floor, only damp mopped. Looked great and easy maintenance. But if you have dogs, then think about it. Seems that dogs are really hard on the finish. With dogs I would go with a really good laminate. That is what I have now and I don’t like the look quite as much but the stuff is indestructible. Never had hardwood in the kitchen but I do have laminate now and it is very easy to clean, no problems with water. Good luck with your new house.

    3. We have red oak, but not in the kitchen, bath or laundry.

    4. I would certainly suggest hardwood. There are many to choose from and your choice should be based upon your personal preference. You might choose a different wood for each room, or use the same one throughout.

      Some of the more common in North America include: Hard Maple which is light colored and very hard; Yellow Birch which also is light colored and just slightly less hard than Maple; White Oak which is medium-light and very hard; Red Oak which is medium light and quite hard; Ash – medium light and hard; Cherry which starts out medium dark but can get very dark, and quite hard; Walnut which will be quite dark and quite hard. There are other woods available, but those are a few of the common ones. The cost could vary greatly depending upon your locale.

      Hardwood floors – with a little care – will last for several generations. The care isn’t all that difficult either; keep them reasonable clean and when the finish starts to show signs of wear, fix it. (That is usually many years under normal conditions.)

    5. If you have really dark floors and theyre al ways getting sun (from windows,patio doors, skylights ECT) they WILL eventually fade and wont match the rest of the floor. Go for a light one.

    6. We had "engineered bamboo" floors installed just a month ago. I LOVE MY FLOORS! I have no more carpet. My kitchen & 2 bathrooms already had a decent tile so we left them. The bamboo is a hard wood, the color we got is called spice…it’s a golden brown. We have a small dog so I have been cleaning the floors (mostly the living room) every couple of days. I dry mop it first, then a damp microfiber mop. It’s amazing how fast dust & dirt collects on the floor but it’s so fast & easy to clean and then you know it’s really clean (unlike carpet). The flooring we got was also the floating floor so it cost the same to install as a laminate. If you get a solid hardwood I believe you have to have it glued down if you have a cement subfloor,or nailed down to a plywood subfloor & the installation would have cost us twice as much. I found the "engineered bamboo" to be just as beautiful as the solid wood but half the price. The difference is that one is solid wood and the other is a veneer. They also come in various thickness of the venner, thicker being better. There’s a website , with loads of info on floors, even the proper care. It was a good thing I asked the installer what to use for cleaning. He told me water,no soap at all. I went and bought Bona harwood mop & cleaner….good stuff. Good luck with everything. Oh! don’t forget to put protection under all your furniture, I put felt stuff on just about everything.

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