Should the kitchen backsplash and tile floor match?

Date April 13, 2009

The floor is a rusty orangeish gray mix, cabinets natural wood and grays and tans in the granite. I can not decide on the backsplash. Should it match the floor if it is going to be tile also? Or should it be totally different than the floor? All the pictures I see are wood floor and tile backsplash or the both are tile that are the same color.

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  1. said:

    Contrast is good with the right contrast.

    Your personal taste will be the deciding factor.

    If a person can not decide purchasing or asking for a sample or two of the tiles may be a good route to go so you can actually visualize the different colors.

    Wishing you success!

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  2. :)tomorrow is a new day said:

    personally I think it looks better when it is different you can do so many cool backsplash's now a days I would do it different

  3. M M T said:

    Different but co-ordinating would be the way to go!

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