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ceramic pieces

I have a large supply of rocks (thin slices, uncut, geodes, thunder eggs cut in half tumbled stones) a large?

supply of shells including quite a few abalone shells large and small, a big supply of glass marbles (mostly blues and greens) a supply of tiles , other ceramic pieces (plates, ashtrays,etc.) and mirrors, broken and some not broken I have collected over the years. I’ve made stepping stones, a patio table, jewelry,and a planter. […]

Project ideas with glass marbles?

I have a collection of the flat glass marbles. I’m doing mosaic projects, and would love some resources that use glass marbles rather than the classic ceramic pieces. Other Related Mosaic Sites Suggestions For Your Creative Homemade Glass Vases | Household and Health articles Recommendations For The Creative Do-it-yourself Glass Vases Create your jewelry ceramic […]

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