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what can i do to be more creative with my craft making? does something like this come natural?

i want to be more creative and its a bummer that i dont have the experience that some crafters my age have. is it something that comes natural or is it something you practice and learn with time. i would love to make amigurami or whatever its called or knit or sew. i love beading and playing with felt. mosaics and stained glass are also really fun to do, but im not good at it, and i dont feel creative. what could i look at or do to inspire me in being more creative. what do you do to get ideas or your next craft project. thanks :)

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    1. Never compare your skill level to another crafter your age. You have no idea what background they have. It’s best to focus on what you feel comfortable doing and expand on that. One of the most eye opening experiences I had was to take a freshman college class in drawing. We had 30 other people and many never had a talent for drawing. I think some students took this class because they thought it would be an easy credit. The instructor said at the beginning of the semester that we would have tons of homework and everyone would know how to draw at the end of the semester, even if they they could never draw! He was right! We started from the bottom up and at the end of the semester we all knew how to draw. How did this happen? We were taught how to "see" and how express those impression correctly.

      So, my advice is this: whatever it is you want to do, really understand what you are doing. Visualize in your mind what you want your end product to look like, then go for that vision.

      If you want to sew, start the bottom up. Learn your hand-stitches, move up to using a machine, then build from that. Every mistake is precious, you will not repeat it unless you are a masochist. One thing leads to another in life. You will be building upon a good solid foundation of understand of your craft skills.

      Best of luck to you!

      Sewing Instructor

    2. Sassy Cali Girl

      Have patience. If you want to be a better beader, bead more projects and learn more about the art. The same holds true for whatever you try.

      I am a sewer, and the more often I sew, the better I get, the easier it becomes to mix color or textures and also my stitches are straighter. If you are interested in something, then try it and mess up, learn some more about it and try it again.

      Creativity needs nurturing, like everything else.

    3. Some of it does come naturally. Some people just have an "eye" for their craft, and can create stunningly beautiful stuff on the first try, with seemingly no effort. But you don’t have to be that kind of person to be creative, or to be good at your craft. It takes practice for the rest of us.

      Remember, there’s no shame in working from a pattern. You can learn to knit, crochet, sew, bead, etc. from good books, preferably with pictures to show you how a stitch or a wire loop is supposed to look. Start small, and start with other people’s patterns. As you master the techniques, you’ll start to get comfortable making changes, like using different yarn weights, or different kinds of beads, and by then, you’ll be able to start making up your own patterns.

      It helps to keep a notebook. Mine is full of gauge swatches and pictures of finished projects, as well as pictures from magazines and the internet that look like things I want to make. It’s a nice bit of inspiration. Good luck on your next project!

    4. I agree that Creativity needs nurturing….that is a righton statement.
      Practice, makes perfect. Making mistakes teaches us how to do it the right way. Taking your time with your project will yield a better project. Don’t hurry it. I am a Seamstress and that took years to accomplish. Many many mistakes and re-doing seams makes a better stitcher of anyone. Determination to do better with what you like to do makes you better at your craft.
      I believe Creativity in some people is natural. But anyone can be a crafter if they have determination, and patience.
      Inspiration can be found in magazines, books, and just ideas that pop into your head. Just jot them down when you think of them with clear written instructions or notes when you think about them. Refer to this later for inspiration. And keep the faith in yourself that you can do it and finish your projects.

    5. My art teacher always say, if you have the urge to be creative then you have the talent for it, it just needs to be explored.

      I agree with all the above answers, you need patience and just practice. Find inspiration from fellow artistic people, from things around you, from magazines, craft books and where ever.

      Once you open up your mind you see endless possibilities in everything around you. My head is so stuffed with ideas and things I still want to try that I don’t think I will get through it all in 1 life time!

      Good luck and just keep on trying!!

    6. Check out the *many comments* about that exact thing on the Creativity page of my website:,inspir,art.htm
      …click especially on the category CREATIVITY & INSPIRATION
      (my site is primarily about polymer clay but the issues on that page would easily apply to any craft, and even any endeavor)

      And btw, the answer to your question is "both," and sometimes only practice-learning.


      Diane B.

    7. Taking a class has always helped me in many ways. I learn new techniques, meet new people, and I am inspired by the teacher and others in the class. None of us start out being an expert at our craft. Heck, even babies crawl before they can walk. Trying different crafts, practicing those you really enjoy. Subscribe to a magazine that is particular to the craft or crafts you most enjoy. Lots of good info there.

      Good luck to you
      Pat in Flint

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