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What color should we paint the kitchen? (pictures)?

i’m asking this again because i want to be sure.
this is the old kitchen :

these are the new things in the kitchen (the new cabinets are in the same place and everything and the new fridg is black like the stove):

scroll to pecan mosaic countertop: (as an accent tile, would a different tile look better?)

linoleum floor:

what color should the walls be?

because we painted them ugly dark brown thinking it will look nice and since it doesn’t it’s causing us a lot of stress. Thank you !! :)

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    1. keep it bright as putting a colour that you will get fed up with and if its dark you will feel closed in?bring in bright accents as in sugar and tea biscuit caddies like red green orange a Colour you like or ceramic a nice matching fruit bowl and some flowers in a vase enjoy your new kitchen ?

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