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What color should we paint the kitchen? (pictures)?

i’m asking this again because i want to be sure.
this is the old kitchen :

these are the new things in the kitchen (the new cabinets are in the same place and everything and the new fridg is black like the stove):

scroll to pecan mosaic countertop: (as an accent tile, would a different tile look better?)

linoleum floor:

what color should the walls be?

because we painted them ugly dark brown thinking it will look nice and since it doesn’t it’s causing us a lot of stress. Thank you !! :)

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  1. play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to help you imagine how the colors will look together. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family & color name, the "painted" rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours:

    I think "autumnal" (# 6361) might be a good choice.

    You can take a photo of your house & upload it to the makeover gallery on this website:
    You can get color suggestions & for $5 they’ll photoshop them onto your room so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

  2. I just painted my kitchen………..a light tangerine and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would try a tan or a light tan color to keep it neutral. Or, if you wanted the wall color to stand out a bit, you could try a deep red or brown so it all wouldn’t be a neutral color. Hope this helps.

  4. light yellow so pretty

  5. Mine is cream, like off white because I have very pretty orange and brown cabinets with steel appliances, so the cream color goes with my kitchen.

  6. The main problem when people paint is the wrong hue. You probably could get away with the brown if it is "matching" your colors already. But another thing is maybe all too monochromatic for you. You could go into the peaches, reds, golden yellows, or beige’s just have to get right hue. Need something that is subdued, on the warm side ,because of all your soft browns etc. People tend to grab something too bright because everything else isn’t. Get some paint chips in these colors, pick toward the warms and take them to the kitchen. one or more will blend with your senses. If you look at one and it doesn’t sit right with you, get rid of it. Try them in different areas for different lighting and throughout the day. I believe you will find one to your liking. Then accent in the bronzes or blacks if your appliances are that. Have fun and good luck

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