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what is MDO plywood? What outdoor board does not warp?

I am an artist working in stained glass mosaic. I currently use a particle board base but am worried about warping. I also want to create work that people can put outside – like on a deck or outside wall. What sign boards are light, sturdy, do not warp and are waterproof? And 1/2 or 5/8" thick, more or less.

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  1. MDO is Medium Density Overlay on exterior plywood. it is used to make outdoor signs. needs ext primer and paint, follow with spar varnish, or other ext topcoat.

  2. Ask for T- 1 eleven at home depot or lowes great for out doors and cheaper than marine plywood

  3. i wouldnt use anything less than 3/4 in. marine plywood…

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