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What is the best way to keep our new Porcelain tile floor clean?

Us, Tile Newbies, wish to know what is the best way to keep our new tile floor clean.

Mop N Glo, Floor steamer, or just plain water?

Any recommendations from y’all will be greatly appreciated!

They are flat Porcelain tile imitates the look and feel of stone/slate. (Item #:199547 Lowes)

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    1. Hi,

      I have been in the cleaning industry for over 30 years and I would suggest assuming your talking about cleaning floors in your home. With that assumption being correct. I would suggest the Hana Steam Floor Mop. It will do all your floors and some models like the FS-20 will also sanitize your floors with out the use of chemicals making it a greener way of cleaning. I discovered a new website that covers the cleaning or all Floors and covers residential and commercial floor cleaning. Other Steam Mops are also good but the Hana has very high ratings from consumer research groups. This website covers Steam Floor Mops and is where I got this information.

      This newer website actually has a article written on how to clean porcelain floor tiles. here si te direct link to it.

      Even with over 30 years in the cleaning business, I never stop learning. Good Luck.

      Another new item on the market is a new scrub hand pad from Unichem Marketing called The Miracle Pad. This pad will clean your floors and many other surfaces throughout the home. Unichem Marketing, Inc. – New Innovative Product – Miracle Cleaning Pad – Telephone: 708-296-7408 or

    2. the shark vacthensteam is what i use. great machine. uses water/steam to clean n sanitize. find it online at shark, target, some walmart, bed bath n beyond(coupon). well priced and efficient.

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