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What kind of adhesive would I use to apply Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT) as a kitchen back splash?

I want to cut down some great colored Tarkett VCTiles into smaller rectangles (think subway tile) and apply them as a retro 50’s type backsplash in my kitchen. They will get very little water contact so I’m not worried about that and I plan to coat and polish them to a shiny finish. This is NOT self stick stuff, the 12×12 industrial squares that look like linoelum. Has anyone had any luck fixing these to a painted/sheetrock wall? Is there a contact cement or spray adhesive that would work better/easier than a traditional troweled on floor adhesive?

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    1. Nothing works better then the trowel on adh. Mask the counter off first and remember, a thin coat is all you need. Make sure the adh. is for vct and that it turns clear before applying the tiles.

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