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What would I use to make a concrete birthbath top mosaic?

I have an older concrete bird bath that I would like to update. I have resurfaced the both of dish with concrete and I would LOVE to make top mosaic using a lt blue glass (like sea glass). What would I use to adhere glass? Can I press glass into a smooth concrete mixture?Would I need to resurface it before adhereing the glass? What can I use to fill in between glass? I’d like it to look like original concrete (grey). Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

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  1. Use any ceramic or glass you like to make the mosaic. That could include broken colored glass, broken ceramic tile, marbles, etc.

    Adhere it with plain mortar mix [sand/cement] by applying about a quarter to one half inch of the mortar on the dampened birdbath surface, embed whatever mosaic material you wish, and then fill the spaces between with the same mortar mix.

    Let it set for several minutes, then gently wipe all the mortar cement from the face of the embedded materials with a DAMP sponge until the glass faces are clean.

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