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Where can I buy these 4 art materials for cheap?

I need Paris Craft, Blank White Plastic Full Face Masks, and then I need alot of small tile. I also need a "tile clipper". Thats what my teacher calls it. Its basically ment to cut the already small tile into smaller pieces.

I dont know if there is an actual name for the tile. We used this stuff in school and I want to make my own Mosaic. The tile my teacher has is a bunch of different colors and shape and they’re no bigger than a Cheezit cracker. I dont want a bunch of colors though, I want alot of the SAME color. Like black, white, brown, pink, red, blue, light blue, gray, yellow, purple and green. Just the main colors you know. The shapes my teacher had were square, heart, star, and circle shaped.
I would like it if someone could find all these items on since thats where my mom by all her stuff anyway. Or if you could suggest a craft store. I dont know any near by, I live in Long Island.

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