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Would texture stone spray paint be to flammable to use on backsplash and wall around my oven in my kitchen?

I want to spray over the tile on the wall . Make it look textured. But I do not want to catch my house on fire when I want to cook a couple days after it dries. Does anyone know if textured stone spray paint is highly flammable or not ?

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    1. "Let me see, C, cee said me

      It is and it will not stick long on ceramic. Why not just retile it.?

    2. use a bic lighter to test it out

    3. Yes it is. Turn off your pilot lights first. Bye Oh it’s OK after it dries.

    4. It is flammable and there may be some building codes that prohibit this type of thing near a flame source. You could try & get a piece of stainless steel (or copper–a metal) cut and screw into place over the tile–this look is very in right now, just be sure that the edges get blunted first so you don’t cut yourself!

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